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As part of creation and bestowed with the intellect more than any other creature on this planet, human beings are tasked with supervising and taking care of everything on the planet, even through landscaping and lawn mowing services. Stewardship of God’s creation is an honor and a privilege that should never be taken for granted. Otherwise, it can be removed or taken back most subtly or catastrophically. Experience has taught humanity that this can happen throughout man’s history of existing on this planet.


The Seven Environmental Principles


Nature knows best


Though it has been said that the earth can heal itself through several mechanisms, but the process is slower than the rate of destruction that man has wrought upon it. This had become apparent when the lockdown was imposed during the early stage of the pandemic. Without humanity going about its usual business, the earth was healing itself or repairing itself. Natural processes, like nutrient cycling, will proceed and eventually regain themselves when disrupted. It knows what is best for itself. Unfortunately, humans fail to realize that.


All forms of life are important


This is the one concept that some humans fail to recognize; perhaps because of greed, other creatures are just taken for granted. All organisms have their roles to play in nature’s scheme to create balance or homeostasis within the ecosystem.


Everything is connected to everything else


Though this may seem inapparent to some, there is a web of interconnectivity that binds everyone in an ecosystem by design. The biotic(living) and abiotic (nonliving) components are in continuous interaction to ensure that balance or equilibrium is maintained within the system. Any external disruption may result in an imbalance or degradation of the system.


Everything changes


As the cliché goes, the only permanent thing in this world is change. Some very apparent, others inapparent. Nevertheless, there is a constant change happening.


Everything must go somewhere


As the law of conservation of matter and energy states, no new forms of matter or energy are created. There is merely the conversion of one form to another, as in solar energy to chemical energy, chemical energy to mechanical energy, etc.


Ours is a finite earth


This is about the resources that the earth can provide. Throughout the centuries, man has created or invented technologies to build up the planet’s carrying capacity for the human species. Still, in the process of doing so, certain activities employed were not without consequence. These technologies, however, may not save us from the possible depletion of these resources.


Nature is beautiful and we are stewards of God’s creation


Indeed, no argument can be had about nature’s beauty, and God has granted human beings the stewardship of His creation is a gift that should be cherished and not abused. Gifted with the intellect and will, humanity has been entrusted with overseeing other species and the wise utilization and conservation of resources.


Stewardship through lawn care near me


There is every need to do our share in the stewardship of God’s creation. That sound ecologic practices must be implemented to ensure that balance or homeostasis is achieved at all times. Landscaping and lawn care services providers realize this. Thus, they have taken steps to provide services that exemplify respect and cherish God’s beautiful creation.


They work in synergy not only as a team but with their clients. Their highly-trained and skilled lawn care experts and landscape architects can create an ecological landscape that considers the best in every landscape’s ecosystem. Their employment of scientifically- proven safe methods and solutions ensures safety and wellbeing for all. With these landscaping and lawn mowing services providers, you are guaranteed responsible stewardship that the Creator can be proud of.